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Wire Wheel Adapters

The Wire Wheel Adapters is the crucial accessory that, along with the Knock Off , secures the Wire Wheel on the vehicle.

The Wire Wheel Adapter has to be the same as the bolt pattern of the vehicle.

The most common one is the 15 Hole Universal that has 5×4.5, 5×4.75 and 5×5 bolt patterns.

We have Wire Wheel Adapters for almost avery vehicle in America, from 4×100 to 6×5.5

Wire Wheel Knock Offs

The Wire Wheel Knock Offs are the nut that holds the Wire Wheel on the Vehicle, and since is the tip of the wheel, it comes in a wide variety of styles. Any Knock Off can be Powder Coated, Gold Plated and/or Engraved.