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Bolt-On Wire Wheel is a type of wire wheel where you don’t need to use a wire wheel adapter, you just put the wheel directly on your vehicle’s pad!

This is a perfect option for those wire wheel enthusiast that don’t feel secure by using an adapter or a knock off wheel. A Bolt-On wire wheel gives them the same look with more peace of mind.

The Bolt-On Wire Wheels consist of three pieces, the Wheel itself with the hub included, the Bolt-On Cap, and the Spinner.

We have two different models on the Bolt-On Wire Wheels, the Chinese model and the Aerican Model. The only difference is the origin of the parts and where is assembled. The Chinese Model comes from China and is the most affordable one, the American Model is made in the US and all the pasrts are from the US.

The Bolt-On Wire Wheel is available in the following sizes:

13×7 Reverse 80 Spokes Bolt-On

14×7 Reverse 80 Spokes Bolt-On

15×7 Standard 80 Spokes Bolt-On

15×7 Reverse 80 Spokes Bolt-On

All of them in Chinese and American Models