Wire Wheel Adapters

The Wire Wheel Adapters is the crucial accessory that, along with the Knock Off , secures the Wire Wheel on the vehicle.

The Wire Wheel Adapter has to be the same as the bolt pattern of the vehicle.

The most common one is the 15 Hole Universal that has 5x4.5, 5x4.75 and 5x5 bolt patterns.

We have Wire Wheel Adapters for almost avery vehicle in America, from 4x100 to 6x5.5

Wire Wheel Knock Offs

The Wire Wheel Knock Offs are the nut that holds the Wire Wheel on the Vehicle, and since is the tip of the wheel, it comes in a wide variety of styles. Any Knock Off can be Powder Coated, Gold Plated and/or Engraved.

2 Bar Dome
2 Bar Recessed
2 Chevy Dome
2 Chevy Recessed
2 Bar Zenith Dome
2 Bar Zenith Recessed
3 Bar Straight Dome
3 Bar Straight Recessed
3 Bar Swept Dome
3 Bar Swept Recessed
Hex Dome
Hex Recessed
2 Bar Locking
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Wire Wheel Tools

The Wire Wheel Tools are what you need to screw in and out your Wire Wheel Knock Offs. For the 2 Bar and 3 Bar knock offs you need a Lead Hammer, for the Bullets you need a Bullet Wrench, and for the Hex you need a Hex Wrench.

Lead Hammer
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The reason for the Recessed Knock Offs is that you can use a sticker or an emblem to give your Wire Wheels a distictive look!

At Galaxy Wire Wheels we offer you Plastic and Metal Emblems. The Metal Wire Wheels Emblems are perfect for Engraving or Laser Cut whatever you want and it will give you the distictive look you want.

The Advantage of the Metallic Laser Cut Ones is that you can either paint or gold the front and/or the backing.

Metallic Engraved
Metallic Laser Cut
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Spacers & Billet Adapters

Sometimes we need to push out the wheels to have more backspace or to clear caliper, and sometimes we would like to use a wheel with a different bolt pattern than the one we have on our Vehicle. For any of these situations we use either a spacer or a billet adapter.

Spacer: The Spacer will only push out the wheel from 3mm to 5mm, no more, and in most cases you would need to us an extended thread lug nut.

Billet Adapter: The Billet Adapter is bolted to your vehicle's wheel pad and the wheel is bolted to the billet adapter, which gives more security. The Billet Adapter comes in a width of 1", 1.25", 1.5", 2", and 3". And it has any bolt pattern you need.

Wheel Spacers
Billet Adapter
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